Years ago, in a library out of town, I found the following poem nestled within the pages of an old book. It encouraged my soul so much that even I was amazed. I read it, closed my eyes, took a deep breath and reread it again and again and again. What makes it so appealing? It's the word choices. They speak of halcyon times. It's submissions like these that I want accepted into Halcyon Days

Psalm to My Beloved 
by Eunice Tietjens (1884-1944)

          Lo, I have opened unto you the wide gates of my being
          and like a tide, you have flowed into me.
          The innermost recesses of my spirit are full of you,
          and all the channels of my soul are grown sweet with your presence.
          For you have brought me peace
          the peace of great tranquil waters, and the quiet of the summer sea.
          Your hands are filled with peace as the noontide is filled with light;
          about your head is bound the eternal quiet of the stars,
          and in your heart dwells the calm miracle of twilight.
          I am utterly content.
          In all my spirit is no ripple of unrest,
          for I have opened unto you wide the gates of my being
          and like a tide, you have flowed into me.

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  1. What a beautiful poem, Monique. As someone who has found this same kind of peace in the summer at the ocean (I know it's meant metaphorical, but I'll settle for summer at the shore), I know this wonderful place and return there over and over again. Now I can read this poem and it'll take me there. Ingrid