Welcome to the expanded version of Halcyon. I was pleased with the previous magazine and received positive feedback. But I had to reject publication-worthy submissions because they had to have a seasonal theme. Despite getting manuscripts that strayed from the guidelines, their literary beauty impressed me. At that point, I made a change and expanded the magazine to include more generalized topics instead of seasonal content. 

Halcyon Days have uplifting poems and stories, images, and messages. It complements the phrase “Keep Calm.”

                  Keep Calm. Think Halcyon.

The reading schedule for issue 29 is Jan1-Mar10, 23.

IMPORTANT: If you have ever had work published in Halcyon Days before, you are required to show that fact in your bio. Otherwise, I will not consider your submission(s).

NOTE: The bold typeface are new guidelines

Generalthose required in all submissions
  • Titles: Prefer 5 words or fewer with specific words (scarlet vs. red).
  • Theme: relaxing, tranquil, uplifting, positive.
  • Length: no minimum but it has to hold the reader’s attention.
  • Margins: 1.5 inches so I can make editorial notes.
  • POV: I prefer 3rd person. 
  • Deadlines: the 5th of March, June, September, and December.
  • Publishing your work is allowed after I publish it in Halcyon Days but please credit Halcyon Days as the original publisher.
  • I can't offer free copies--that's why it's online. Print editions are available, but they have to be purchased. I will offer jpg screenshots of your accepted submissions.
  • I accept simultaneous submissions and reprints (please credit the magazine: Reprinted with permission of Halcyon Days if I publish it afterwards).
  • Whether poems or stories, I prefer content that excites the five senses. 
  • If your submission has a seasonal setting, and it’s accepted, it will go into the relevant edition. A Valentine or Christmas based story would seem out of place in a June issue.
      o  Spring – March issue
         o   Summer – June issue
         o   Autumn – September issue
         o   Winter - December issue

  • Send a maximum of five poems
  • Length: no minimum, but it has to hold the reader’s attention
  • 1.5 margins
  • Style: I prefer punctuated poems and those where the first words are NOT all capitalized.
    But I will consider exceptions.
  • Instills a sense of well-being and inspiration. It should be something that makes the reader want to dwell on what they read (see example tab).
  • Prefer poems that move me. Meaning I like poems with verbs, not just nouns.
  • Forms: All. For haiku, I prefer the traditional 5-7-5 structure.
  • I may include up to five from the same author in the same issue.
  • Think unstressed, peace, relax, dream
  • Submit as a .doc/.docx or rtf attachment. If you can't, please enter it in the email's body.

  • Length: Approximately 2,000 words
  • Spacing and Margins:1.5
  • Conveys characters that learn about themselves and others who see the glass half full. By the end of the story, they make a difference in the lives of others. Please include a 1-3 sentence (or 50 word) teaser for your piece in the email or submission.
  • Submit as an attachment.
  • Submit as a .doc/.docx or rtf attachment. If not, please enter it in the body of the email.
Non-fiction Articles 
  • Length: no minimum
  • Spacing and Margins: 1.5
  • Includes topics that provide ways for the reader to relax, unwind, forgive, make a difference, inspire creativity, or discover locations. 
  • If you are submitting an actual place where you had halcyon moments, please: 
          1) Submission must include the place (city/town, province). And if you're writing about a hotel, campsite, lake, trail, cafe/tea room, please mention the name.          2) Nonfiction: stories up to three pages.
          3) Haikus follow the traditional 5-7-5 form. Make the title the place name. Send a max of five.
          4) Prefer one-page poems.   
          5) I will consider high quality photographs.
          6) Reprints allowed.
  • Submit as a .doc/.docx or rtf attachment. If you can't, please enter it in the email's body.
Do you have an eye-catching photo? Please attach one or more photos in an email with your attribution. Also include what camera you used. Images must be at least 300dpi.

Email your submissions to
  • In the subject line type “Halcyon Days: [poem, story, article, a haiku collection, photo, recipe, etc.]” Replace the text in brackets with the category.
  • In the body include why you think your submission is a fit for Halcyon Days, your contact information, where you found the website, and if you know how to use the comments feature in Word.
  • If accepted, I'll ask for a third-person bio, an optional photo, and an optional email address/social contact info for reader feedback (you can include it in your bio). 
Keep Calm. Think HALCYON.


  1. Monique, Your fall issue of Halcyon Days is golden and glorious. Are you open for reading for the winter issue yet? Thanks. Ingrid

    1. I appreciate the compliment! Yes, I am definitely open to winter submissions. Thanks for asking.

  2. Monique, do you have a maximum word count for short stories? It seems I saw one before in submission guidelines, but don't see it now. I have a long story to submit, but I respect your time. I won't send anything not fitting your guidelines. Thanks. Nancy

    1. I used to have a maximum word count but decided to drop it. Use as many words as it takes to tell the story. Thanks for asking.

  3. AMAZING cover!! AMAZING issue!! I'll be submitting for Spring for sure. This magazine is BEAUTIFUL!!

  4. Monique,
    When and how can I order my copy of the autumn issue (I have work in it)?
    Christine Tabaka

  5. An absolutely beautiful presentation. Thank you,
    Emory D. Jones

  6. Stella - your piece in Issue 19 was vivid and powerful!

  7. I just found your magazine; it's beautiful. It is too late to submit poetry for the next issue, correct?