Welcome to Issue 20. 

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Welcome to Issue 19--the fall issue (also on Issuu at https://issuu.com/home/published/hd_-_issue_19). This edition promotes the work of Bruce Levine, Dante Gray, Emory Jones, Gaiyle Connolly, Ingrid Bruck, Jerrice J Baptiste, John Dorroh, Nancy Lou Henderson, Nolo Segundo, Sarah Fairbanks and Stella M Preda. 
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Welcome to Issue 18 the summer edition. Inside are poems and essays from Bruce Levine, Emory D. Jones, Duncan Hoag, Ingrid Bruck, Milton Ehrlich, Miriam Edelson, R. Gerry Fabian, Robert Beveridge, Sarah Fairbanks, Stella Mazur Preda, Steven Tutino, and Yash Seyedbagheri.
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----- Inside this issue, are peaceful poems of Alexis Ogunmokum, Bruce Levine, Charlene Langfur, Christie B. Cochrell, Dane Fogdall, Gaiyle J. Connolly, and Jacques Rey Charlier. Purchasing details are below.
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